The Office of Disability Services is happy to welcome you to our website. We provide services for students with disabilities at Texas State University campus in San Marcos and at the Texas State University Round Rock Campus (RRC)


The staff in the Office of Disability Services is available to answer any questions that you may have. ODS is a strong advocate for inclusion and access to students with disabilities. With the guidance from our Director, Mr. Clint-Michael Reneau, we work together to ensure equal access is available to our students. If you have any questions or would like to speak to an ODS representative please do not hesitate to contact us.


Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities (ATSD) administers ALL academic tests with approved testing accommodations to students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS). The ATSD Testing System in an online system for students to request to take an academic test. If you would like more information about ATSD, please visit their website.

Workplace Accommodations

The ADA Coordinator is available to meet with any employee with a disability who plans to make a request for accommodations in order to assist the employee to explore accommodation options. All requests for workplace accommodations are reviewed on a case by case bases and the documentation guidelines are implemented at the discretion of the ADA Coordinator; Dr. Sherri Benn, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion, ADA Coordinator. For more information please visit ADA Workplace Accommodations




Director's Greeting

Clint-Michael Reneau
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We, at the Office of Disability Services, understand there are a wide-scope of adult learners. Our services aim to ensure that our students are learning to their full potential in the manner that best suits their academic needs. The academic accommodations we provide don’t give you an “unfair” academic advantage, but rather the accommodations seek to level the playing field in order for you to be a full and active participant in the Texas State University community.

The Texas State community tries to create a culture of care.  A culture of care recognizes that everyone wants to be appreciated or validated. A culture of care recognizes people have three things in common – we all want to know:

  1. Do you see me?
  2. Do you hear me?
  3. Does what I say matter?

Succeeding academically and participating in productive and meaningful activities outside the classroom are steps we encourage you to take. We challenge you to learn all you can, get involved and make a difference while at our university, because we recognize that while here, you should feel supported, encouraged, and included.  ODS is here to help you meet those needs in order to become a successful Bobcat.

With Bobcat Pride,

Clint-Michael Reneau, M.Ed.
Director, Office of Disability Services