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How to Register with ODS

Screenshot of Button "Register with ODS" from Main ODS Website
  1. Make sure to have your TXST NetID and password, then go to
  2. Click the paw print icon labeled “Register With ODS”
  3. Fill out the CSI (Confidential Student Information) Form. This is required to register for services with ODS.
  4. Send any additional documentation of the student's disability to our office in person or via fax to 512.245.3452.
  5. ODS will review the need for accommodations and support services based on the student's disability documentation and disability-based need. ODS has up to 30 business days of receipt of the documentation to decide appropriate accommodations.
  6. ODS will notify the student to set up an appointment via email after determining appropriate accommodations.
  7. After meeting with an ODS specialist, the student can sign up for Special Group Registration and request their Accommodation Letter from the ODS office.
  8. After picking up or receiving the Accommodation Letter, the student must get all of their professors must sign the letter and then bring it back to ODS. This must be repeated at the beginning over every semester.