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Tuition Exemption for Blind or Deaf Students

Texas residents with a vision-related disability or a hearing disability who are eligible may apply for tuition exemption through the College for All Texans' Tuition Exemption for Blind or Deaf Students program. This program is for Texas residents only and does not cover charges for courses that Texas State University does not receive formula funding for, such as, study abroad and correspondence or extension courses. The webpage includes information regarding eligibility requirements and application process. All required documentation includes:

  • Dated recently, student’s written statement of purpose that indicates the certificate or degree program to be pursued or the professional enhancement from the course of study for that certificate or degree program;
  • Student’s high school diploma or its equivalent;
  • Dated recently, letter of recommendation and a business card from the high school principal of the student who is blind or deaf, or from a public official, or from some other responsible person (not a family member) who knows the student who is blind or deaf and is willing to serve as a reference; and
  • From the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, certification for:
    • Vision-Related Disability; OR
    • Hearing Disability

All original documents for this program should be turned in to Texas State University's Student Business Services office by the twelfth class day of the fall/spring term and fourth class day of a regular summer term.

For additional information regarding tuition waivers and exemptions, please contact the Student Business Services office via telephone at 512-245-2544 or email at