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Teaching Strategies

  • Post lecture notes/outlines on the web.
  • Provide a detailed syllabus prior to the first class.
  • Repeat crucial concepts several times in lectures.
  • Allow the use of a dictionary, computer spell check, or calculator on exams.
  • Read aloud material written on overhead or chalkboard.
  • Offer students extra credit to share copies of their notes with other students.
  • Offer an alternative space or quiet room to take exams, when possible.
  • Allow flexibility on assignment deadlines.
  • Design tests to take 60% of the class period so time is less of a factor.
  • Provide an outline of each lecture with space between sections for notes.
  • Allow students with test anxiety to start exams before the rest of the class.
  • Use visual aids, discussion, and hands-on examples wherever possible in lectures.
  • Provide multiple ways for students to demonstrate knowledge, such as oral response, demonstrations, portfolios or group work.

Other Teaching Resources