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Student Veterans

As a Veteran Friendly Office, the Office of Disability Services (ODS) works to welcome all student veterans to our classrooms and our learning environments. It is vital for us to provide services that are supportive and inclusive.

The ODS works with many student veterans who have been injured and many times, the ways in which these individuals are impacted are not immediately obvious. The ODS asks the Texas State community members to remember:

  1. Student veterans with non-apparent or invisible injuries may be less likely to disclose or request accommodations.
  2. Students with disabilities use the accommodation process to achieve access - in order to do that, a disclosure of a disability is needed and then working in partnership with Texas State ODS staff to identify reasonable accommodations to put in place.
  3. Universal Design reduces barriers and minimizes the need for accommodation - universal design benefits everyone.

Help Texas State Become More Student Veteran Friendly

There are many ways to make Texas State more Student Veteran friendly. Provided is a list of ways to ensure that we are providing an inclusive environment for our Student Veterans.

  • Clear - Information and language should be clear and easily understood. (Websites, forms, brochures, handouts, and other materials should be simple to navigate)
  • Available - Departments and offices should provide different ways for contact. (Reasonable office hours, accessible email, online forms as well as paper based forms)
  • Accessible - Everyone should become more aware of how online information can be used with assistive technology. (The ODS has an Accessibility Coordinator who can answer any questions you may have)
  • User Friendly - Think about nontraditional students when designing programs. (types of events, times, days, locations, advertising methods, etc.)
  • Aware - Educate yourself. The ODS has a plethora of resources (some that are below this paragraph) that explains different ways of becoming more inclusive. ODS staff are here to help facilitate any conversations or meetings.
  • Collaborative - Partner with organizations
  • Responsive - Seek and provide feedback (ask those you serve if you are meeting their needs or if there are areas in which you can improve and provide feedback for others)

Canine Companions Help Wounded Vets