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Student Concerns

The ODS Student Concern process is an informal process to ensure equity and access regarding the appropriate implementation of academic accommodations for students with disabilities registered with the ODS. If a student believes that a faculty or staff member outside of the ODS has not provided equal access or was not provided their academic accommodations, the student should submit the Student Concern Form to the ODS. The ODS will review the student’s concern and discuss the situation with the student and, if necessary, the employee to find a resolution.

*Please Note: Students are encouraged to contact their course instructors and/or the appropriate department directly should they have any concerns regarding course material, structure, or grades.

Currently enrolled students who wish to file a formal grievance related to accommodations associated to or with a disability should follow the procedures outlined in the university policy UPPS 04.04.46 - Prohibition on Discrimination. Should a student choose to initiate the formal grievance procedure, then the informal dispute resolution procedures will cease. At its discretion, the ODS may exercise its professional judgement to involve other parties and/or escalate the concern to a formal grievance.

Student Concern Form

Have you requested an ODS academic accommodation letter for this semester? *
If yes, did you share your accommodation letter with your instructor(s)?
Have you attempted to resolve this concern with the individual or department involved? *
Please attach any supporting documentation or information.