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Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities (ATSD)

San Marcos Students

Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities (ATSD) administers academic tests with approved testing accommodations to San Marcos students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS).

The ATSD Testing System is an online system for San Marcos students to request to take an academic test. Instructors use the system to view requests for students wanting to access testing accommodations through ATSD and to submit assessment information and documents. If you would like more information about ATSD, please visit their website or contact them via phone at 512.245.7856, fax 512.245.2090, or email at

Scheduling Tests with ATSD

  1. If you have testing accommodations, you can schedule all of your tests for the semester with ATSD
  2. Go to (section pictured below)
  3. Click the icon labeled "Schedule A Test with ATSD"
  4. Under the Student tab at the top, select Request a Test
  5. Using all of your syllabi, scheduled all your tests for the semester early on to avoid future schedule conflicts; including conflicts with your usual class schedule
  6. There is a 3 day business day advance scheduling requirement for testing
Screenshot of ODS Website with icon circled to schedule a test with ATSD

ATSD Resources

Review the ATSD Referral Brochure and their Resources webpage to find information about types of examinations available, required testing materials, ATSD scheduling submission deadlines, and extended time calculations. Please find hyperlinked a useful ATSD Scheduling Deadlines Chart PDF.

Round Rock Students

If you are a student taking courses in Round Rock, please visit the Testing Center at Texas State University, Round Rock webpage and contact the Testing Center at Texas State University, Round Rock to schedule to take an academic test via phone at 512.716.4020 or email