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Student Information and Records

Each student is asked to complete a Confidential Student Information (CSI) Form at the time of their first visit to the Office of Disability Services (ODS); this is used by the ODS to establish and maintain a confidential student file.

Student Information

Acquisition of Information by the ODS

As a courtesy, the ODS will assist a student with acquiring disability documentation from another institution or medical professional through a signed Consent for Release of Confidential Information PDF Form.  Information may include psychological or neurological evaluations, audiological reports, and medical reports.

Disclosure of Information by the ODS

The ODS will not discuss the specifics of a student’s disability, or share a student’s records with any off-campus individual or agency without written permission from the student on the “Consent for Release of Confidential Information” form.

Release and Confidentiality of Information

Students are asked to complete an "Information Release" form in order to grant permission for:

  • Releasing information (name, NetID) to Information Technology Services for specific use in accessing assistive technology stations in Texas State University computer labs
  • Discussing their disability as it relates to their accommodations and academic needs with university faculty members and professional staff in departments including the Counseling Center, Student Learning Assistance Center, Student Health Center, and Athletic Center
  • Discussing their disability as it relates to their accommodations with professional staff in off-campus agencies including the Texas Workforce Commission Rehabilitative Services, Texas Commission for the Blind, or Department of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
  • Discussing their disability as it relates to their accommodations with their parents/guardians
  • In accordance to the state of Texas Senate Bill 37, collect data in compliance with FERPA to document the number of students being served by the Office of Disability Services with a diagnosis of an Intellectual or Developmental Disability and/or a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

This does not include the release of any student documentation or records.  There is also no record made of a student receiving services from the ODS on a student’s academic transcript.  The ODS also recommends that students not share their disability documentation with any member of university community outside of the ODS.

Students should keep a copy of any disability documentation provided to the ODS.  The ODS will maintain a registered student's disability documentation and file 10 years after the last semester services are requested.