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Special Groups Registration of Classes

Students registered with the Office of Disability Services are entitled to Special Groups Early Registration of classes.  In order to access the accommodation, students ought to clear any holds or remaining balances on their Texas State account (advising, library, parking, etc.).  During the Special Groups Early Registration dates, register online through CATSWEB.

How to Confirm Student Account Balance

Be sure to confirm that you have a $0 balance to prevent your classes from being dropped.  To confirm a $0 balance, either obtain a confirmation bill at the Registrar’s Office before the last day to pay and take the bill to the Cashier’s Office to obtain a receipt, or confirm your $0 balance online.  If your $0 balance is not showing as receipted, contact the Cashier’s Office at 512.245.2544 to be sure that any waiver you qualify for was applied to your bill.