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Accommodations Review Meeting

The ODS will review a student’s disability documentation within 30 working days of receipt.  After accommodations are identified, the student will be contacted for an appointment with an ODS specialist via Bobcat Mail.  At this appointment, the specialist will review and discuss the following:

Accommodation Approval Form

The ODS specialist will explain to the student the accommodations they have been approved to receive and the process for accessing each accommodation.  The student will be asked to acknowledge their understanding of each accommodation by initialing, dating, and signing their Accommodation Approval Form.  By signing this form, the student accepts "responsibility as a registered student with a disability to provide ODS with written notice of any issues (e.g., inappropriate or ineffective accommodations, interruption of services, etc.) that [they] may encounter. It is [their] responsibility to request a new accommodation letter every semester as well as communicate [their] need for auxiliary aids and services to my professors."  They also accept responsibility to request accommodations in a timely manner, and understands a failure to do so may delay an accommodation being provided.

At the conclusion of the appointment, a copy of the Accommodation Approval Form will be placed in the student’s ODS confidential file.  Students are encouraged to contact their ODS specialist if the assigned accommodations are not meeting their disability-related needs.
Accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Special Group's Early Registration
  • Assistive technology/alternate format textbooks
  • Accommodations for in-class and online exams
  • Volunteer note takers
  • Preferential seating in the classroom
  • Liaison and advocacy between students, faculty and staff
  • ASL interpreters
  • Captioning (speech-to-text services)

Request Accommodation Letter

The ODS specialist will explain to the student how to request their accommodation letter for the current and following semesters.  The student will be oriented with the steps and processes for receiving their letter and retrieving signatures from each of their professors.  This will need to be repeated each semester.

Return Accommodation Letter

Students will be informed to return their accommodation letter and signature form each semester in order to access their approved accommodations.