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Distance Learning (Online Courses, Correspondence Study, or Study Abroad) Services

A student with a disability who is enrolled only in distance learning (online courses, correspondence study, or study abroad) must meet the criteria in at least one of the disability documentation guidelines appropriate to their disability to qualify for services and accommodations at Texas State University - San Marcos or the Texas State University Round Rock Campus.

Within 30 working days of the Office of Disability Services (ODS) receiving a student’s disability documentation, the information will be reviewed to determine accommodations.  After accommodations are identified, the student will be contacted for a telephone appointment (distance learning courses only) with an ODS specialist.

During the telephone appointment, the specialist will explain to the student the accommodations they have been approved to receive and the process for accessing each accommodation.  Accommodations will be initialed, with the student's permission, by the ODS specialist on the Accommodation Approval Form. The student will be asked to acknowledge each accommodation by permitting the ODS specialist to initial, sign, and date their Accommodation Approval Form on their behalf. Following the appointment, the Accommodation Approval Form will be placed in the student’s ODS confidential file.

By signing the Accommodation Approval Form, the student accepts responsibility in requesting and receiving these services. After accommodations are arranged, it is their responsibility as a registered student with a disability to provide ODS with written notice of any issues (e.g., inappropriate or ineffective accommodations, interruption of services, etc.) that they may encounter. It is their responsibility to request a new accommodation letter every semester as well as communicate their need for auxiliary aids and services to their professors.  It is also the student's responsibility to request accommodations in a timely manner, and understands a failure to do so may delay an accommodation being provided.  Students are encouraged to contact their ODS specialist if the assigned accommodations are not meeting their disability-related needs.

The ODS can help facilitate access to accommodations for students enrolled in distance learning courses.

Online Courses

It is the student’s responsibility to notify faculty members about their needs early in the semester.  Accommodations are not officially in place for the semester until the student completes the following process of requesting their accommodation letter.

  1. Go to (section pictured below)
  2. Click the icon labeled “Accommodation Letter”
  3. Request your Accommodation Letter through iCat
  4. Within 3 to 5 business days, ODS will send the Academic Accommodation Forms as a PDF attachment to the student’s Texas State e-mail for the student to complete and return to the ODS via email
  5. Fill out your Accommodation Letter and Signature Form, indicate the courses that are online, and return the letter to ODS via email
  6.  Academic Accommodation Letter and Forms will be sent electronically to each faculty member. 

Upon request, the ODS will provide the student with a copy of their signed Academic Accommodation Letter.

Screenshot of circled "Accommodation Letter" button from ODS website

Correspondence Study

A student who requires accommodations for a correspondence study course should contact the ODS.  The ODS can coordinate with the student's faculty and the Office of Distance and Extended Learning outlining the student’s approved accommodations.  Arrangements for specific accommodations are typically handled through the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.

Study Abroad

If a student with a disability is planning to participate in Study Abroad, it is important to find out as much as possible about the program’s requirements and submit any requests for accommodations to the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.  It is not necessary to submit additional disability documentation if is already on file at the ODS.  The ODS will work in conjunction with Study Abroad to ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided.