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Course Considerations

Consideration for Class Absences

In some cases, a student who is registered with the ODS may qualify for flexibility in the application of courses' attendance policies.  This accommodation is most often granted for a student who has a documented chronic health problem that occasionally causes them to be absent from class.  Faculty members may set their own attendance policies; the accommodation is simply a request for some flexibility in the policy.  The amount of flexibility will depend on the nature of the class and whether class participation is a factor in the final grade.  Students who are eligible for this accommodation are responsible for completing all course work.  This accommodation does not permit a student to miss a large number of classes for any given course.  A student with excessive absences in a class should consult with the instructor about dropping the course with a passing grade or receiving an incomplete grade where appropriate.

Consideration for Full-Time Status (Reduced Course Loads)

A student who for disability-based reasons is unable to take 12 credit hours in a long semester may request the university consider them a full-time student with fewer than 12 credit hours.  The Office of Disability Services will make a determination regarding an adjusted full-time status and upon request, verify a student's eligibility to appropriate university departments.  Eligible students will have access to all university services.  Only institutional policies the university can modify apply to students who qualify for this exception.  This accommodation does not apply to Pell grants.

Course Substitution

As outlined in the UPPS and “Policy for the Modification of Course Curriculum,” the dean of a student’s college will consider the modification of a student's course curriculum on a case-by-case basis, provided the integrity of the academic requirement is maintained.  A dean will consider an individual student's documentation and grant a course substitution only in extreme circumstances.  Academic requirements the university considers essential will not be regarded as discriminatory.