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Scholarship Opportunities

The Office of Disability Services' scholarship opportunities are conducted on a yearly basis. Scholarships are not renewable; however, students can reapply each year.

Bobbye Watts Student Emergency Services Scholarship

The Bobbye Watts Student Emergency Services Scholarship is named for Margaret "Bobbye" Watts, who despite a chronic disability, raised four children and earned a bachelor's degree at the age of 62 years old. The eligibility for the scholarship is based on a financial need as the result of an emergency. An emergency is defined for this scholarship criteria as an unforeseen expense caused by an unexpected circumstance that could lead to decreased student performance, a loss of momentum toward academic success or delays in the student's ability to complete their education.Texas State University students who meet the criteria are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. All applicants’ eligibility will be verified by Dean of Students Office.

  1. Applicant must be currently enrolled at Texas State University and be considered a full-time student, based on university criteria.
  2. Applicant must have completed a minimum of 15 credit-hours of coursework at Texas State, and be considered in good academic standing.
  3. Applicant must be currently registered with the Office of Disability Services, due to a permanent disability.
  4. Applicant should have a financial need.

Applications will be evaluated by a scholarship review committee that will select one recipient to award $500 for the Fall 2021 semester. The recipient will be celebrated by having the student’s name appear on a plaque posted in the Office of Disability Services. Please submit the completed Bobbye Watts Student Emergency Services Scholarship Application to on or before October 31, 2021. Applications are due no later than Sunday, October 31, 2021. 

Jaksa Scholarship

The Blake Edward Jaksa Scholarship has been endowed to assist enrolled Texas State University students who have a severe hearing disorder. Prospects must have a 2.5 GPA and making progress towards a degree. The scholarship is awarded annually. However, if the recipient of the scholarship does not maintain a 2.5 GPA, the spring award will be revoked. The scholarship can be used to pay for tuition, fees or books. Awards are based on documentation of need, academic performance and completeness of the application. Students must submit a completed ODS General Scholarship Application and provide an audio-logical report.

To apply, please complete the online application when available.

Nesenholtz Memorial Scholarship

The Nesenholtz Memorial Scholarship has been endowed to assist enrolled Texas State students with disabilities who have financial need. Preference is given to students with physical impairments and students majoring in history. Students must be enrolled full-time. Applicants must present documentation of a disability to the Office of Disability Services (ODS) if they are not already registered with the office.

To apply, please complete the online application when available.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

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