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Alternative Text/Audio Books

Students with a print-related disability (A person who cannot effectively read print because of a visual, physical, perceptual, developmental, cognitive, or learning disability) approved for audio books accommodation can acquire literary textbooks and resource materials required for course instruction in an alternative format such as electronic text, large print, Portable Document Format (PDF), literary Braille, and tactile graphics. Students with print-related disabilities may also receive a complimentary Read & Write Gold  software installed on their laptop. Read & Write Gold is an assistive technology text-to-speech program that assists students with reading materials.

Students must make an appointment with the Assistive Technology Coordinator or the Accessibility Services Graduate Assistant to review the alternative text/audiobook procedures and guidelines with the student, as well assist with the Read & Write Gold installation.

Requesting books prior to the start of the semester:

  • View your booklist at the Texas State Bookstore or via your courses' syllabi
    • If no books are listed for your course(s), contact ODS for additional options.
  • Complete an Alternative Text Request form for each textbook with complete information that includes: the title, authors or editors, edition number, ISBN, and course information
  • ODS will contact the books’ publisher and will provide you with the accessible file if it is available.
    • The file will be requested from the publisher and it may take several weeks for the request to be fulfilled.
  • If publisher files are available, they will be uploaded to the student's TRACS site.
  • If publisher files are not available, ODS will scan and convert the text into e-text (see process below)

Email if you have any questions or concerns.

NOTE: Verification that you have purchased a copy of the requested textbook may be required before electronic versions are provided. Rented textbooks are not accepted for alternative text requests, as you will have the opportunity to keep the electronic version of the textbook. Rented textbooks are not accepted for the ODS Conversion process.

ODS Conversion Process:

  • Provide books to the ODS
  • Book binding will be removed
  • Book will be scanned with a high-speed scanner.
  • If you prefer to not have the book binding removed, ODS will not be able to process your request
  • Provide a copy of the course syllabus
  • ODS will upload the PDF to your TRACS site. If the file is too large for download, the student may make an appointment to transfer the file via USB.