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Self-Advocacy Resources

We believe it's essential for students to gain skills in self-advocacy. ODS staff has identified a great list of resources that we believe will benefit our students. Closed-Captioning is available for the videos displayed below. Please click on the "CC" icon to the right of the video to enable captions. The video will have to be playing to enable this option. If you have a resource that promotes self-advocacy, please email the link to the source to

The Opportunity of Adversity

The Beauty of Disability

StrategyTube - Self-Advocacy & Students with Learning Disabilities

Self-Advocacy Tips for Students with LD


It's Not Fair Having 12 Pairs of Legs

Because Who is Perfect?

The Ability Factor

The ODS is not the owner of these videos. These videos belong to their respectful owners. If you have any issues in viewing the videos please contact the ODS. Google Chrome is not recommended.