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University Housing Accommodations

Texas State University residence halls and apartments provide a living environment that allows students access to the campus and its facilities.  Texas State recognizes that students with disabilities may have special housing needs, therefore a variety of living options are available to these students.  The Department of Housing and Residential Life (DHRL) offers traditional, suite-style, and apartment-style living across the campus.

Students, who have a need for an on-campus housing accommodation, are required to submit their request to the Office of Disability Services (ODS).  Review of those requests will be undertaken by the ODS staff, in consultation with the DHRL staff.

It is the responsibility of the student who has a qualifying need for a housing accommodation to make their request to the ODS with as much notice as possible prior to the opening of the halls each semester.  On-campus housing is limited; only new freshmen are guaranteed on-campus housing.  Requests from non-freshmen are considered on a space-available basis.

Documentation review to determine eligibility for housing accommodations may take up to 30 days.  The failure to submit a request in a timely manner or to provide the appropriate supporting documentation may result in a delay of a decision.  The DHRL may not be able to accommodate late requests due to limited availability of housing options, even if there is a recommendation from ODS. 

Students requesting accommodations in University housing are required to register with ODS.  Registration with ODS entails submission of a Confidential Student Information (CSI) Form, documentation for review as outlined below, determination of appropriate accommodations, and a face-to-face or phone appointment with an ODS specialist to discuss accommodations.  Documentation supporting the request for housing accommodations should be sent to ODS. All documentation will be considered confidential.

What type of housing accommodations are you seeking?

Architectural Accommodations

Architectural accommodations are for students with disabilities who may require physical change to a University residence hall or apartment. Architectural accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Door flashers,
  • Bells,
  • Visual fire alarms,
  • Grab bars, and shower benches.

In order to meet the disability-related needs of an individual student, facilities with existing accessibility features may be further modified as required to meet Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) ADA/Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) code. The University will assume the cost of the required accommodation after specific accommodation features are identified by ODS. The University will provide a priority assignment to accessible housing, as space is available.

Assignment Accommodations

Requests for accommodation involving assignment to a specific room or hall type (but not requiring a physical change to a room) must be made through the process outlined here. If an accommodation for a private room is requested and is determined by the University to be a required accommodation, the student may be charged the private room rate for the room and hall in which he or she is assigned.

Roommate assignments for ADA accessible rooms will be made under the established roommate assignment procedures, as outlined by DHRL guidelines.

What documentation is required to become eligible for a housing accommodation?

Sources of information used for determining a disability and/or accommodation may include a student’s self-report, direct observation and interaction with the student, and/or documentation from qualified evaluators or professionals.  For additional information, please review the Office of Disability Services' Documentation Guidelines webpage.

If applicable, recommendations related to the housing accommodation or configuration from the treating professional will be given consideration in the evaluation process. Recommendations should include:

  • Description of the housing accommodation or configuration,
  • How the recommended accommodation or housing configuration impacts the disability,
  • Level of need for, or the consequences of, not receiving the recommended accommodation or housing configuration.

What is the process for submitting a request for a housing accommodation?

All requests must include the following:

  • Disability-Related Housing Accommodations Request online form,
  • Written request from the student which outlines the desired accommodation or housing configuration;
  • Written explanation from the professional provider (e.g., doctor, psychologist) which outlines how the request relates to the disability (See Documentation Guidelines);
  • Possible alternatives if the requested accommodation or configuration is not available.

Documentation can be submitted via:

  • Mail to Office of Disability Services, LBJ Student Center 5-5.1, 601 University Drive, San Marcos, TX 78666
  • Fax to 512.245.3452
  • Hand delivered to ODS at LBJ Student Center, 5-5.1.

How does the review of documentation and notification process work?

Upon receipt of the housing accommodation request:

  • An ODS specialist in conjunction with DHRL will review all housing accommodation requests within 30 days to determine if a student is eligible for housing accommodations. All requests for housing accommodations will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Upon review of the request, the student will be contacted to schedule a face-to-face or phone appointment with an ODS specialist. Accommodations will not be final until the student has met with an ODS specialist.

Request for Exemption from the University Housing Policy

The student with a disability who requests an exemption from the University Housing Policy must also submit an Exemption from University Housing Residency Requirement with supporting documentation.  The DHRL will only grant an exemption on the basis of disability-related needs if they are unable to accommodate the student’s needs in one of the on-campus residence halls or apartments, as determined in consultation with Student Health Services. Questions regarding needed disability documentation related to housing exemptions should be directed to ODS at 512.245.3451.

Personal Attendant Services

Texas State University is not responsible for providing an individual with a disability with services of a personal nature, such as assistance in eating, toileting, or dressing. If a student is planning to reside in university housing and requires personal services, he or she must provide DHRL with documentation from an appropriate agency or service that confirms the necessary assistance will be in place effective on the date of residency. If a non Texas State University individual serves as a personal attendant for a student with a disability, he/she may reside in the same room with the student for whom they are providing attendant services. This individual will be required to adhere to all university policies, procedures, and regulations. The student will be charged the private room rate.

Service Animals & Emotional Support Animals

For information concerning service or support animals, please refer to Service Animal & Emotional Support Animal Procedures webpage.

University Housing Accommodation Agreement

Prior to check in, the student with a disability for whom accommodations have been requested and approved by the university must sign a University Housing Accommodation Agreement. The agreement will outline what accommodations have been approved by the university based on the documentation provided, any architectural accessibility features the university will provide to ensure equal access, and the type of living option to which the student has been assigned including the contracted rate. Provision of an accommodation in the form of a private room is not a matter of convenience, but one of access to the housing program for the student with a disability where the disability documentation substantiates need. This determination will be made by DHRL in consultation with ODS. In appropriate circumstances the university will make an individualized determination as to whether an exception to the room-rate policy is needed as a modification to this policy.

Please contact ODS for any additional questions:

Office of Disability Services

LBJ Student Center 5-5.1

601 University Drive

San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone: 512.245.3451

Fax: 512.245.3452