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We Are One Initiative: Texas State University Epilepsy Training

In celebration of World Health Day, the Texas State University Office of Disability Services will be hosting the “We Are One Initiative: Texas State University" epilepsy trainings through the Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas each semester.

The Office of Disability Services helps to foster a supportive and inclusive educational environment through an intersectional model that helps build and maintain partnerships across the university community. We envision a campus community where all individuals are valued and contributing members of society.

The We Are One initiative is a plan that ensures all Texas State University faculty, staff and students are not only trained to deal with students undergoing epilepsy episodes, but also gives them knowledge on what epilepsy is. This initiative also invites students to gain knowledge as well as become trained themselves.

By creating and implementing this initiative, by the end of training participants will be able to:

  • Recognize four common seizure types
  • Identify three types of impacts that seizures have on students
  • List three first aid steps for helping students having a seizure
  • Recognize three aspects that make a seizure a medical emergency
  • Define two basic aspects of social support for students with seizures
  • Describe three ways to academically support students with seizures

This free training is designed to improve awareness of epilepsy and seizures on college campuses. This training program educates faculty, staff, and students on the appropriate steps to take when witnessing a seizure until first responders arrive. Additionally, students will learn about the risk of new onset seizures resulting from abusive use of alcohol and drugs.

This training is not currently offered at Texas State University. It is extremely important that faculty, staff and students alike to know the proper protocol when a student is experiencing an epileptic episode.

Training on Monday, April 8, 2019

On Monday afternoon, April 8, 2019, the staff, faculty and students of Texas State University had an incredible opportunity to increase their awareness and knowledge of epilepsy through the We Are One Initiative: Texas State University 2019.

In recognition of World Health Day, a team from the Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South Texas (EFCST) presented a class in the LBJ Student Center over the causes of epilepsy, their services to the community, and instruction on dealing with an epilepsy episode.

The EFCST consists of fifteen staff members who serve seventy-nine counties.  Members who provided the information training session on Monday were Jessica Strom, Programs Manager; Denise Acosta, Programs Associate; Kathy Kraemer, Social Services Coordinator; and Blake Brink, intern.

Jessica Strom, who moved from Southern California, joined EFCST in August 2018.  She provides opportunities for educational programs to those affected by epilepsy.  Denise Acosta started with EFCST as an extern in March 2018.  Now she is a full-time Program Associate with the Foundation.  Kathy Kraemer has worked in case management since 2000.  She works closely with the epilepsy community through EFCST daily.  Blake Brink is a graduating senior from The University of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in Public Health.  He plans to continue his support of the Foundation after his internship by volunteering at Camp Brainstorm.

The Foundation strives to help people with epilepsy to define their lives not by their diagnosis, but to lead active productive lives in a supportive community.  Families affected by epilepsy have received information, direct assistance, or have directly benefited from comprehensive medical, educational, and social services.  Programs include indigent seizure clinics; social case management; information and referral; outreach and support services; a variety of educational programs; employment preparation services; and summer youth programs.

More information can be found at the Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas website.