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Cat Snips

Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society

DAP Staff Advisor and Officer tabling at fundraising event
General Disability Specialist & Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society Staff Advisor, Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa, and Elaine Gonzales, Delta Alpha Pi Historian, host fundraising event

Student Involvement Day Fair

Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa speaking with student participant at Student Involvement Day Fair
General Disability Specialist, Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa, with participant of Student Involvement Day Fair on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

An Evening with Dr. Carolyn West

Dr. Carolyn West standing and speaking with participants
Dr. Carolyn West, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington Tacoma, speaks about the links between historical trauma and contemporary sexual victimization and activism on Thursday, February 14, 2019

14th Student Academic Success Programs (SASP) Conference

Dr. Ballard speaking with an event attendee
Dr. Ballard speaks with a participant at the 14th Student Academic Success Programs (SASP) Conference on February 9, 2019

Celebrating a Milestone - Dr. Walkes' Birthday Celebration

Dr. Walkes wearing birthday sash and glasses with number 40
ODS hosts surprise birthday celebration for Interim Director, Dr. Skyller Walkes

Employee of the Month

Dr. Smith and Fasiha Feroz posing with certificate
Dr. Joanne Smith, VP for Student Affairs, recognizes Ms. Fasiha Feroz, Administrative Assistant III, for being selected as Texas State University's Employee of the Month for April 2019

First-Generation Celebration

Dr. Ballard holding sign stating, #first gen proud in front of UAC
Dr. Ballard holding a First Gen Proud sign at a celebration honoring first generation students held Thursday, November 8, 2018 at the Undergraduate Academic Center

Personalized Academic and Career Exploration (PACE) / Career and Financial Education (CAFE)

Dr. Ballard presenting to academic counselors
Dr. Ballard conducting an ODS presentation for PACE/CAFE academic coaches at the Undergraduate Academic Center on April 4, 2019

2019 Womxn of Color Retreat

Participants sitting at a table
Participants are actively engaged at the Womxn of Color Retreat held on Friday, February 15, 2019 at the LBJ Student Center

Student Affairs Symposium

Dr. Walkes and Dr. Ballard standing behind ODS table
Dr. Walkes, President of the Texas State University Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff, and Dr. Ballard represent ODS and the Coalition at the Student Affairs Symposium on April 18, 2019

Veterans Welcome Reception

Dr. Ballard speaking with Dr. Wallace
Dr. Larry Wallace Jr., Director of Veterans Support & Leadership Programs at the University of Texas at Austin, and Dr. Ballard discuss benefits for Veteran students at the Veterans Welcome Reception on January 23, 2019

Wellcats Showdown Fitness Challenge

ODS staff performing athletic squat
Dr. Ballard, Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa, Ms. Amairany Villa, Mr. Reginald Deal, Dr. Skyller Walkes, and Mr. Bruce Coonce participating in the Wellcats 2018 Summer Showdown Fitness Challenge Event

Welcome to the Family Reception

Dr. Ballard speaking with event participant
Junior Social Work major Cassidy Wright speaks with Dr. Ballard during the Welcome to the Family Event held Wednesday September 5, 2018 in the LBJSC ballroom

Tips and Tricks: Passport to Success

Amalie Wheat tabling and speaking with veteran student
Mrs. Amalie Wheat, discussing ODS services with Texas State University Veteran student Marisol Chapman January 23, 2019

Texas Bold Beauty Project

Dr. Ballard speaking with Bob Cook and Pam Showalter
Dr. Ballard along with Pam Showalter and Bob Cook, co-organizers of the Texas Bold Beauty Project (TBBP), view photographs displayed during the opening of the TBBP San Marcos Exhibition held January 18, 2019 at the San Marcos Activity Center

ODS Staff Retreat at Palmer's Restaurant

ODS staff members pose for photo
Back row: Dr. Ballard, Mr. Reginald Deal, Ms. Aven Jackson, Mr. Bruce Coonce, Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa, Nova Jett; Front row: Ms. Amairany Villa, Ms. Fasiha Feroz, Ms. Jessica Martin, and Dr. Skyller Walkes

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Celebration

ODS staff wearing MLK Jr. Commemoration Celebration shirts
Back row: Mr. Reginald Deal, Mr. Bruce Coonce, Ms. Amairany Villa, and Dr. Harlan Ballard; Front row: Dr. Skyller Walkes, Ms. Jessica Martin, Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa, and Ms. Aven Jackson

ODS Staff Retreat at University Camp

Picture of ODS staff
Back row: Mrs. Amalie Wheat, Mr. Reginald Deal, Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa, and Dr. Harlan Ballard; Middle row: Mr. Bruce Coonce and Ms. Aven Jackson; Front row: Ms. Amber Cantu, Ms. Fasiha Feroz, Ms. Jessica Martin, and Dr. Skyller Walkes

Assistant Director, Mr. Bruce Coonce, Receives Above and Beyond Award

ODS staff pose with Mr. Bruce Coonce with award
Back row: Ms. Jessica Martin, Ms. Fasiha Feroz, Ms. Amairany Villa, Dr. Harlan Ballard, and Mr. Ryan Bellow; Front row: Nova Jett, Ms. Aven Jackson, Dr. Skyller Walkes, Mr. Bruce Coonce, Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa, Mrs. Amalie Wheat, and Mr. Reginald Deal

Ambassador Reuben Brigety Virtual Presentation

Flyer of Ambassador Reuben Brigety
Ambassador Reuben Brigety, Dean of the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University, spoke to students at Texas State University on October 9, 2018

Welcome to the Family

Dr. Ballard and Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa holding Texas State University hand signs
Dr. Harlan Ballard and Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa showing the hand signs for "Eat em' up Cats" at the Welcome to the Family September 5, 2018.

Veterans Graduation Reception

Dr. Ballard speaking at podium in LBJSC Ballroom
Dr. Ballard provides the keynote address for the Veterans Graduation Reception on Monday, December 10, 2018

Accessing Accessibility

Mr. Reginal Deal demonstrating JAWS and assistive technology with Dr. Ballard
Mr. Reginald Deal demonstrating assistive technologies in the Alkek Library on November 9, 2018

Organization of Student Social Workers

Dr. Ballard conducting presentation
Dr. Ballard presenting to the Organization of Student of Social Workers on November 15, 2018

Guest Lecturer EDP 1350: Effective Learning

Dr. Ballard sitting with EDP 1350 course instructor and students
Dr. Ballard sitting next to Dr. Russ Hodges and students during a lecture to EDP 1350: Effective Learning course on November 12, 2018

Asian Student Welcome Reception

Dr. Ballard speaking with student attendee
Dr. Ballard sharing ODS services with a student at the Asian Student Welcome Reception on September 10, 2018

Fall 2018 Commencement Ceremony

Dr. Ballard providing programs at Commencement Ceremony
Dr. Ballard volunteers as usher at the Fall 2018 Commencement Ceremony December 15, 2018 at the Strahan Arena

Veterans Welcome Reception

Dr. Ballard speaking with veteran student
Dr. Harlan Ballard speaks with Veteran student, Greg Rye, at the Veterans Welcome Reception on September 4, 2018

President's Freshman Picnic

Freshmen students sitting at picnic tables
ODS staff are present and available to offer assistance to incoming Freshmen at the President's Freshman Picnic on August 20, 2018

"It's A Family Affair"

"It's A Family Affair" attendees holding their cell phones in the air
"It's A Family Affair" participants fill the floor on August 25, 2018

Native American Indigenous People Welcome Reception

ODS staff members tabling at event
ODS staff members assisting attendees of the Native American and Indigenous Students Welcome Reception on September 12, 2018; From left: Ms. Kacie Panvica, Dr. Harlan Ballard, Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa, and Ms. Jessica Martin

Dr. Ballard Recognized by Black Student Alliance

Screenshot of announcement recognizing Dr. Ballard
Dr. Ballard recognized as the Black Faculty/Staff of the Week by the Black Student Alliance of Texas State University

Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff of Texas State

Dr. Walkes speaking to members of the Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff
Dr. Walkes, President of the Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff of Texas State University, presides over a Coalition meeting on September 11, 2018

Mentor of the Year

Dr. Ballard receiving award from Miguel Arriage
Dr. Ballard receives the Texas State University Bobcat Bond Mentor of the Year award from Miguel Arriage, Coordinator for Outreach, at the Office of Retention Management and Planning Student Success Banquet held on April 25, 2019

Dr. Ballard Addresses Student Senate

Dr. Ballard addressing the Student Senate
Dr. Ballard addresses the Student Senate to garner campus support for ODS outreach programs and events on February 18, 2019

13th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference Poster Session

Student discussing their research poster with Dr. Ballard
Dr. Ballard is immersed in fresham student, Grace Green's, research presentation while serving as judge for the 13th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference Poster Session held April 25, 2019

Academic Testing for Student with Disabilities (ATSD)

Dr. Ballard presenting for ATSD
Dr. Ballard presenting to the ATSD Center staff and student workers at the Undergraduate Academic Center (UAC) on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

University Seminar Faculty Development

Ms. Zabawa and Dr. Ballard sitting at table taking notes
Ms. Zabawa and Dr. Ballard take copious notes during the US 1100 Faculty Development seminar on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Staff Service Awards Ceremony

Amalie Wheat is presented an award by Provost Dr. Eugene Bourgeois
Dr. Eugene Bourgeois, Texas State University Provost, presents Amalie Wheat, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator, the award for 20 years of service at the Staff Service Awards Ceremony on Thursday, May 9, 2019 in the LBJSC Ballroom

Veterans Graduation Reception

Dr. Walkes and Dr. McBride standing while talking
Texas State University Chief Diversity Officer, Ameerah McBride, JD and Dr. Skyller Walkes attend the Veterans Graduation Reception on May 13, 2019

Testing Evaluation and Measurement Center (TEMC)

Dr. Ballard sitting next to Michele Weaver
Dr. Ballard and Michele Weaver, TEMC Assistant Director, discuss protocol and procedures for escorting students to alternate testing sites during Spring 2019 Final Exams May 15, 2019.

Final Examination Support

Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa escorting a student through door of TEMC
Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa escorts a student from the TEMC to their finals examination test site on May 15, 2019


Dr. Ballard speaks with a Texas State University student and mentee in his office
Dr. Ballard speaks with mentee, Emmy Orioha, on May 16, 2019 regarding the recent Spring 2019 graduate’s plans for the future

Spring 2019 Commencement

Amalie Wheat, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator, interpreting next President Trauth
Amalie Wheat, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator, interpreting as she stands beside President Denise M. Trauth at a commencement ceremony held on May 24, 2019 at the University Events Center Strahan Arena

Student Affairs Appreciation Celebration

Dr. Ballard and Mr. Coonce sitting beside each other at a table
Dr. Ballard and Mr. Coonce pause for a selfie at the Student Affairs Appreciation Celebration held on Tuesday, May 21st, at the Student Recreation Center

ODS Staff Retreat at the Texas State University Round Rock Campus on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

ODS staff sitting around a table listening to guest presenter from ARCIL
ODS staff learning of the independent living services provided by ARCIL. From left: Ms. Fasiha Feroz, Administrative Assistant III; Ms. Amber Cantu, Administrative Assistant II; Ms. Jessica Martin, Case Manager; Mrs. Amalie Wheat, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator; Mr. Bruce Coonce, Assistant Director; Mr. Reggie Deal, Accessibility Coordinator; Ms. Elizabeth Zabawa, General Disability Specialist; Ms. Aven Jackson, General Disability Specialist (Round Rock); Dr. Skyller Walkes, Interim Director; and Becky Clark, ARCIL representative from Round Rock

Testing Evaluation and Management Center (TEMC)/ODS Spring Meeting

staff members sitting around table
Staff from the TEMC and ODS attend a collaborative meeting between the two offices held on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at the TEMC. From left: Dr. Larry Chapa, Heather Kristoff, Michele Weaver, Cesar Bernal, Amber Cantu, Fasiha Feroz, Amalie Wheat, ElizabethZabawa, Bruce Coonce, Reggie Deal, Dr. Skyller Walkes, Jessica Martin and Tina Jackson.

New Student Orientation

Dr. Ballard and Orientation Leaders stand behind a counter and speak with NSO attendee
Dr. Ballard looks on with intent as Orientation Leaders Andrew Senteno (center) and VU Duong speak with a student attending New Student Orientation held on June 6, 2019 in the LBJ Student Center ballroom

Destress Workshop: Intersectionality Framework for Working with the Students Serviced by TRIO, ODS and SDI

Dr. Benn and Dr. Walkes standing in front of room and conducting a presentation
Combined staff of the SDI, ODS and TRIO offices attend training held on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 in the LBJSC, which was co-facilitated by Dr. Sherri Benn and Dr. Skyller Walkes.

Converting documents into braille print

Dr. Ballard and Liz Zabawa at braille embosser
Dr. Ballard looks on as Ms. Zabawa converts a document into braille using an embosser machine at the Alkek Library June 18.

Student Affairs Staff Ice Cream Social Friday, July 26 in Lilly’s Lounge, 4th Floor LBJ Student Center

People standing in line waiting to be served ice cream
Dr. Joanne Smith, Vice President of Student Affairs serves whipped topping to ODS Staff Amber Cantu as fellow ODS Staff Member Jessica Martins looks on

New Student Orientation Open House June 25, 2019

Amber Cantu standing behind desk speaking to an unidentified student and a parent
Amber Cantu discusses services ODS offers with an incoming first-year student and parent during ODS Open House

New Student Orientation Lecture Session

Amalie Wheat standing on stage signing
Amalie Wheat providing sign interpretation services for the New Student Orientation "Getting to Know Texas State" session in the LBJSC Ballroom Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Allies for Individuals with Disabilities Presentation, Thursday, July 25th, JCK Parr Reed Room

Reggie Deal, Dr. Ballard and Bruce Coonce standing in front of the audience
Reggie Deal (left), Dr. Harlan Ballard (center) and Bruce Coonce (right) answer questions from the audience following the presentation

Multicultural Counseling Class Presentation Wednesday, July 31st

Reggie Deal and Dr. Ballard standing at podium addressing class
Dr. Harlan Ballard (r) and Reggie Deal give a presentation to a Multicultural Counseling in the Academic Services Building

OD & Communications, Human Resources Appreciation Luncheon Tuesday, August 6

Dr. Harlan Ballard and Amalie Wheat sitting at round table having lunch
Dr. Harlan Ballard and Amalie Wheat represent ODS at the annual event held in the LBJSC Ballroom thanking university faculty and staff for their support and contribution to employee course offerings.

Department of Housing and Residential Life Resource Fair, Friday, August 9

Dr. Ballard (standing) and Mr. Coonce behind table speaking to students
Dr. Ballard (standing) and Mr. Coonce answer questions and assist student residence advisers attending the pre-Fall semester event held in the Student Recreation Center

Summer 2019 Commencement Ceremony Friday, August 2019 at the University Events Center

Rami Benton hands Assistive Learning Device over counter to attendee
ODS Student worker Rami Benton hands out an Assistive Listening Device to an attendee