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Student Feedback Form

Thank you for attending your Accommodations Review Meeting with a specialist to discuss your accommodations.  The Office of Disability Services greatly values your opinion. Please help us to serve you better by taking a couple of minutes to tell us about the services you have received through our office thus far.

Your feedback will be confidential and will only be viewed in aggregate with answers from other respondents.

1. What gender do you identify with?
2. What is your ethnicity?
3. What is your age?
4. What is your academic standing?
5. What is your GPA at Texas State University?
6. How long have been using the services provided through the Office of Disability Services?
7. How long have you been aware of your disability?
8. Setting up my Accommodations Review Meeting with the Office of Disability Services was satisfying.
9. The front desk staff made me comfortable communicating my disability.
10. My Accommodations Review Meeting with an ODS specialist met my expectations.
11.The ODS specialist was able to provide additional resources and services for my disability.
12. I can list and discuss the academic accommodations I need to be successful at Texas State.
13. I feel comfortable explaining to my instructors that I have a disability.
14. I feel comfortable asking my instructors to provide academic accommodations due to my disability.
15. As a student with a disability, I feel that I have the skills to self-advocate for myself.
16. As a student with a disability, I feel that my academic performance will improve from the accommodations provided by ODS.
17. My needs as a student with a disability are being met by Texas State University.
18. Overall, I am satitsfied with the services that I receive from the Office of Disability Services.