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Web Accessibility Guidelines

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The following guidelines have been developed to assist university personnel in developing Web documents that comply with the minimally accepted standards that Texas State Web documents must meet.  By using the following guidelines in the design and programming of Web documents, you ensure that all Internet users can use your Web site, regardless of their disability or the limitations of their equipment or software.  While these guidelines present the minimally acceptable standards of accessibility, Web page developers are strongly encouraged to maximize the accessibility of their pages for universal access by referring to the complete text at the Web locations specified at the end of these guidelines. 

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For more information on accessible web page design, refer to the links below:

Key Concepts for Faculty & Staff 

World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0,

The HTML Writers Guild, Inc. AWARE (Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education) Center's Best Web Accessibility Sites, including Universities and Research Centers

University Assistance

If you have questions or need assistance with bringing a web site into compliance, please contact the Texas State Webmaster at 512-245-3641.