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Director Greetings


It is my sincere hope that if you’re reading this letter you’ve already committed to being a Bobcat or you are at least considering it.   In any case, let me take a moment to personally welcome you to a place where you are more than a number, but rather, a person who matters.  Attending Texas State will provide you with an exciting opportunity to develop life-long friendships, gain important interpersonal skills, expand your knowledge and enhance career development skills. 

As a student with disabilities, your collegiate experience can be and should be equally gratifying and rewarding.  Sometimes, there may be supports that you need in order to optimize that experience, and that’s why we’re here.  There are a number of services, resources and accommodations we can arrange for you or assist you with.


One of my goals for when you graduate from this institution is that you are an informed citizen. I want you to leave Texas State feeling informed and empowered. There are offices at Texas State that will help you feel both of these things, and the Office of Disability Services (ODS) is one of them.

ODS helps foster a supportive and inclusive educational environment. Ensuring that our students are in an environment where they feel included and heard is core to the ODS mission.  Our office does many things, but some ways in which we foster a supportive and inclusive environment are by building and maintaining partnerships with faculty and staff, promoting disability awareness among all members of the university community, and by providing guidance regarding university policies and procedures to ensure the full participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life.

We, at the Office of Disability Services, understand there are a wide-scope of adult learners. Our services aim to ensure that our students are learning to their full potential in the manner that best suits their academic needs. The academic accommodations we provide don’t give you an “unfair” academic advantage, but rather the accommodations seek to level the playing field in order for you to be a full and active participant in the Texas State University community.

The Texas State community tries to create a culture of care.  A culture of care recognizes that everyone wants to be appreciated or validated. A culture of care recognizes people have three things in common – we all want to know:

  1. Do you see me?
  2. Do you hear me?
  3. Does what I say matter?

The ODS maintains and cultivates a culture of care through our interactions with you. We want you to know that we see you, we hear you and that your thoughts and experiences matter to us and help to frame your experiences within the university.

Succeeding academically and participating in productive and meaningful activities outside the classroom are steps we encourage you to take. We challenge you to learn all you can, get involved and make a difference while at our university, because we recognize that while here, you should feel supported, encouraged, and included.  ODS is here to help you meet those needs in order to become a successful Bobcat.


With Bobcat Pride,

Dr. Clint-Michael Reneau,
Director, Office of Disability Services