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Temporary Disability

Who is Considered a Qualified Student with a Disability? 
In order to provide quality services to students with disabilities, Texas State University-San Marcos, requires that a student provide verification of disability to the Office of Disability Services (ODS) at the time services are requested. This information will be used to establish the need for appropriate accommodations. A temporary injury does not usually qualify as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008; however severity and duration will be considered. The ODS will make every effort to accommodate temporary injuries where possible. These guidelines will outline the services and resources which the ODS and university can provide for a student with a temporary disability. Examples of temporary disabilities address by these guidelines include broken arms, broken legs, hand injuries, torn ligaments, etc.

Who Can Verify a Temporary Disability and What Documentation is Required? 
Documentation will be accepted from a certified, licensed or professional person whose training is commonly accepted for establishing a specific diagnosis. For example, a physician can verify temporary injuries such as those listed above. The documentation should be on official letterhead and include the following: a statement which classifies the individual as disabled; onset, nature, duration and severity of disability; any adverse side effects caused by medication; and recommended assistance to accommodate the individual's disability. The documentation must be recent enough to sufficiently describe how the disability affects the individual currently. In certain cases, updated information may be required. If necessary, the ODS will request a release of information from the student for the Student Health Center where an individual's documentation will be submitted for review by a physician. This process will assist the ODS in establishing appropriate accommodations. If the student’s temporary disability is easily perceivable and the accommodations requested are appropriate, the ODS may waive the requirement for medical documentation.

Students should keep a copy of any disability documentation provided to the ODS for their own records. The ODS will maintain a student's file no longer than ten years after graduation or the last semester services are requested.

Accommodations for a temporary disability are approved for one semester; updated documentation will be required for the continuation of services into the next semester. Students approved for accommodations based on a temporary disability will be provided a letter listing the temporary accommodations approved by the ODS. The student is advised to present the letter to each of their faculty member’s and discuss their accommodation needs. Examples of accommodations which may be available for a temporary arm, hand, or upper extremity injury include:

• Extended test time
• Permission to tape record lectures
• Volunteer note takers
• Scribe for exams
• Use of a word processor for essay exams

If needed, exams can be scheduled with ODS and administered with the approved accommodations. If testing accommodations are required, access to the ODS Student System (Testing Accommodation System) will be provided.

The ODS will provide students with temporary mobility impairments with:
• Information on accessible routes and elevator access on campus
• Referral to Parking Services for all-zone parking permits
• Referral for the State of Texas for temporary disabled parking.
• Alkek Library door access
• Information and assistance in receiving cost-free Paratransit service from CARTS, (the local transit service provider), from any point in the city of San Marcos to or from Texas State campus.

The ODS does not provide building-to-building transportation. The Texas State Bobcat Trams serve a variety of locations on and off campus and are lift-equipped. Upon request, the Bobcat Tram driver can deploy the lift to facilitate
access to the bus for those unable to climb the bus stairs.

The ODS does not provide personal assistance with getting to or from class including the transport of books or other personal items. Wheelchairs are considered a personal device and are not provided for rent or loan by the ODS.

Students who need temporary accommodations in University Housing such as relocation to a first-floor room or assistance with getting their meals should contact their Resident Advisor, Hall Director, or the Dining Services Manager. A student who resides off-campus should contact their rental management office to discuss any access issues.

Within 45 days of receiving the disability documentation, the ODS will review the need for accommodations and support services based on the individual's disability documentation.

For a description of services available for students with disabilities at Texas State.

Submit documentation to the Office of Disability Services.