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Faculty Testing Guidelines


Exams can be emailed to the ATSD.

Testing accommodations can be provided for a student with a disability by the Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities (ATSD) or by a faculty member, instructor of a course, or his/her designee. If a faculty member chooses to administer an exam he/she is responsible for providing the student with the requested accommodations. To coordinate testing arrangements with the ODS, a faculty member and student will need to arrange the following:

1) Exam Notification - Faculty members are encouraged to provide students with sufficient notice of exam dates (at least 72 hours in advance).

2) Student Responsibility for Scheduling - The ATSD requires that a student submit a separate on-line request for every exam they wish to take at the ATSD. The request must be completed and submitted through the “ATSD Testing System” at least 48 hours (two business days) before the time the test is scheduled to begin. Students will be required to submit all testing requests for final exams one week before the last class day. This advanced notice enables the ATSD to ensure the availability of a proctor and room for testing.

3) Request to Faculty - After the student completes the on-line request it will be automatically forwarded to the faculty member assigned to the course for review. If a faculty member has a Teaching Assistant or Graduate Student who will be administering the exam, the faculty member can forward the on-line request to the selected individual for their review. The ATSD cannot modify who the on-line request is sent to as all information is pulled by instructor of record from the university system.

4) Faculty Review Process - The faculty member will have an opportunity to review the request submitted by the student (e.g., student’s name, course number, date exam is to be taken, accommodations requested or length of time for exam in class) by viewing the the on-line test request at http://www.txstate.edu/trec/atsd/atsd.html.

Approved - If all the information submitted by the student in the on-line request is acceptable, the faculty member will be asked to provide the ATSD with the test and administration instructions, answer sheet (blue book or scantron (provided by the ATSD), and allowances such as a calculator, note cards or open book. Once the faculty member completes their instructions, they will need to Approve the request using the on-line Testing System at http://www.txstate.edu/trec/atsd/atsd.html.

Conditional – A faculty member can grant conditional approval. If any of the information submitted by the student in the on-line request is not correct (i.e. incorrect testing day, testing time (please refer to #6 regarding testing times), test materials the student has requested to use, or length of time for an test in class) the faculty member will need to Conditionally Approve the request and note the correct information in the on-line Testing System (http://www.txstate.edu/trec/atsd/atsd.html) so that ATSD can schedule accordingly. The ATSD will contact the student and inform them that their request was not approved and what changes are required in order for them to take their test at the ATSD.

Denied - A faculty member can deny the request. If the faculty member does not wish for the student to take the test at ATSD (i.e. the faculty member will provide testing accommodations in the department) or there is no test scheduled, the faculty member will need to deny the on-line request and note why in the on-line Testing System (http://www.txstate.edu/trec/atsd/atsd.html). The ATSD will contact the student and inform them that their request was not approved.

**If no action is taken by a faculty member on the testing request ATSD will schedule the test pending your approval.**

5) Verification of Accommodations by ATSD - The ATSD will verify that the accommodations selected on the request match those approved by the ODS. The ATSD will not administer any exam with accommodations other than those which have been determined appropriate based on a student’s disability documentation.

If a faculty member chooses to allow additional accommodations or the modification of an accommodation (additional time for an exam beyond what has already been approved by the ODS), the exam will need to be administered by the faculty member outside the ATSD office.

6) Testing Times - The testing times (8:00 am, 11:00 am, 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm) from which the student may select when requesting to take an test in the ATSD office are based on ATSD space availability, ability to keep testing environment quiet and to ensure students receive proper accommodations. The goal of ATSD is to schedule each student’s test as close to the class day and time as possible in order to maintain the academic integrity of the test. During finals the testing times do change to accommodate the adjusted course schedules for the entire campus. (7:30 am, 11:15 am and 3:00 pm)

Beginning in the fall 2012 semester, the ATSD will be offering late testing one evening a week. On Wednesdays, from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm, the ATSD will be open for students who are taking evening courses and therefore need to take their tests in the evening as well.

7) Review On-Line Testing Requests - The ATSD Testing System allows faculty members to review all on-line test requests for the upcoming week and the current semester. The faculty member will have the ability to see the course, the student, testing date and testing time all from the on-line Testing System.

8) Providing Exams to ATSD - Exams should be sent to the ATSD no later than 4:00 pm the day before the test is scheduled to begin. The ATSD will not be responsible for mistakes (i.e. answers on test, wrong questions, etc.) for exams submitted less than 2 hours in advance of the scheduled exam time. This allows time for ATSD staff to review the exam and ensure that all pages are included and answer keys have not been inadvertently attached. Faculty may deliver an exam to ATSD with the following information by hand delivery, secure email (ATSD@txstate.edu ), upload the document or file to the on-line Testing System, or fax (512-245-2090). When sending an exam via email or fax please include the following for each test:

  1. Course
  2. Professor’s name
  3. Student’s name
  4. Date of test

If a faculty member does not have a final exam ready to be administered by the date the student has scheduled the test with the ATSD, the student will need to coordinate testing arrangements with their professor or take the test at the ATSD at 7:30 a.m. on the last day of final exams.

In order to maintain test security and to ensure the test arrives in a timely manner, faculty members may not use campus mail to deliver tests. The ATSD will send an email reminder for any test that has not been received by the ATSD at least 24 hours (one business day) prior to the time a test is scheduled to begin.

9) Student Responsibility for Testing - Students should arrive at ATSD at least 10 minutes before their scheduled exam time. If a student arrives 5 minutes after the exam start time, they will be unable to take the test at that time.
a. The student will need to reschedule the exam with ATSD and have the faculty member verify the rescheduled date and time, or
b. The student may take the exam with the rest of their class.

If a student arrives more than 5 minutes late for a final exam they will be required to coordinate testing arrangements with their professor or take the exam at the ODS at 7:30 a.m. on the last day of final exams.

10) Exam Security – Students who take their exams at ATSD are not allowed to bring any materials into the testing room, except what has been previously approved by the faculty member and ATSD office. This includes cell phones, pagers, heavy jackets or hats. Each testing room is equipped with a camera which is watched at all times by an assigned proctor. The proctor overseeing the testing environment ensures the accommodations approved on the on-line request are followed.

a. If a proctor also serves as a scribe, he/she will only write down what is dictated by the student.
b. If a proctor also serves as a reader, he/she will only read what is written on the exam.
c. If a student arrives late for an exam and cannot be accommodated, or if the student does not show for the scheduled test time, the ODS will return the exam to the faculty member or his/her designee’s academic department and the student may be required to submit another on-line request.

Maintaining exam security is very important to the ATSD office. All students approved for testing accommodations are provided with the Texas State Honor Code guidelines related to cheating. If a student is suspected of academic dishonesty while taking an exam at the ATSD, the ATSD will:

d. Immediately stop the exam and attempt to contact the faculty member of the course. The ODS will take whatever action the faculty member deems appropriate.
e. The ATSD will make a written report of the incident on the Texas State Honor Code Review Form. The student involved in the incident will have an opportunity to include a statement on this form, which will be returned with the exam to the faculty member. The faculty member will determine if the Texas State Honor Code was violated and whether any academic penalty will be assessed.

11) Return of Completed Exam – After a student has completed their test, all materials (i.e. scantron, blue book, formula sheet, scratch paper, etc) used during testing is included with the test, checked by ATSD Supervisor and sealed in an envelope. The test packet is filed in a secure cabinet in the ATSD main office. The faculty member has two options for receiving the completed test. Please indicate when sending the test which option is the faculty member’s choice.

a. A faculty member or their designee may pick up a completed test, as long as they show a valid form of identification (i.e. Texas State ID or driver’s license).

  • The person picking up the test(s) will be asked to sign the Testing Form so the ATSD has a record of who left with the test(s).

b. Every afternoon one student worker will deliver completed tests to department offices.

  • The person receiving the test(s) will be asked to sign the Testing Form so the ATSD has a record of who took the test(s) from the student worker.